Build, deliver and track engaging, interactive learning experiences faster and easier than ever before with Tovuti.

Built-In Course Authoring

Tovuti’s built-in course authoring tools allows you to quickly and easily create more than 40 different types of interactive content. And, unlike other systems, there’s no need for third-party course authoring tools. That means no need to export and import SCORM files every time you make a new piece of content or update an existing piece of content. Everything is built into the system and 100% cloud-based,so there’s no additional programs to download and installed on your computer.

  • Interactive Video
  • Image Hotspots
  • 360 Virtual Tour with Interactions
  • Memory Matching Games
  • Drag and Drop Images
  • Interactive Slideshows
  • Flash Card
  • Voice Recognition
  • Branching Scenarios

Bring Your Own Content

While many of our interactive course authoring tools allow you to build upon your own existing content, you also just simply upload your existing content to lessons.

  • Videos (native, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Audio
  • PowerPoint
  • PDF
  • and more!

SCORM Compliance

Import your SCORM files into your content library and use them to create lessons and/or courses.

Content Libraries

Opt in to purchases a subscription to our third-party course library featuring thousands of pieces of pre-built content, and then add them in bulk as courses or lessons within seconds.

Course Management

Organize and reuse your content across different lessons and courses. Manage enrollment and tracking individually or in bulk.

Course Tracking

Go beyond tests and quizzes. Track virtually every way a learner interacts with your interactive course content.

Quizzes & Assessments

Quiz your learners at every point of the journey, leveraging a wide variety of question formats and logic rules.

Learning Paths

Go beyond standard learning paths and create checklists that include courses, activities, assessments and much more. Dynamically assign or unassign courses based on completion of milestones.


Learner Engagement

Interactive, Social & Gamified Courses

Use Tovuti’s built-in course authoring tool to create content that is interactive, socialand gamified.

Ratings and Comments

Optionally, turn on the ability for learners to rate courses and lessons, as well as theability to leave comments directly within lessons

Badges and Certifications

Reward your learners by allowing them to earn badges and certifications, and then showcase them on their profile.


Award points to learners based on the completion of desired actions, and then showcase your highest point earners in company-wide leaderboards.

Personalized Learner Portals

Give learners a landing page that is both personalized and customizable. Show learners the certificates and badges they’ve earned, their spot in the company leaderboard, their assigned courses and checklists, their upcoming virtual and in-person events, and more. Additionally, allow them to personalize the banner image based on their profile.

Micro Learning Library

Want to give your learners a true Netflix-style experience when it comes to learning? Use our Micro Learning Library to display all your bite-size learning assets – videos, PDFs, slide decks and more – in a visually immerse library that is sortable and filterable. You can even turn on user ratings to surface your most engaging content.

Mobile Responsive

From the back end admin experience to the front end learner experience, Tovuti is 100% mobile responsive, ensuring the system will look awesome on virtually any device.

Learning Types

Tovuti supports virtually any learning type you can dream up.

  • Blended Learning
  • eLearning
  • Instructor-Led Learning
  • Synchronous Learning
  • Asyncronous Learning
  • Micro Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Mobile Learning

Virtual Classroom

Tovuti’s built-in virtual classroom gives you multiple, premium features that you won’t find in many online video conference platforms. But, if you prefer to use a third-party tool, our virtual classroom integrates with many leading provider such asZoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, and more.

  • Screenshare
  • Mulitple Presenters
  • Cam Share
  • Native Video Sharing
  • PowerPoint Conversion
  • Share Whiteboarding
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Raise Hand
  • Interactive Questions and Polls
  • Tracking and Analytics

Event Management

While Tovuti’s virtual classroom technology let you meet remotely, Tovuti’s event system let’s you meet in person. Or, you can combine the power of the two to create a blended virtual and in-person event.

  • Registration Forms
  • Payments
  • Booking Rules
  • Attendee Management

Social Profiles

Give users the ability to create their own social profile to showcase their personality,let people know who they are and even connect with others as friends. These social profiles are leveraged throughout multiple places in the system, such as learner portals, communities, forums, comments and more.


Communities function like your own mini social network directly within Tovuti. It’s a place for your learners to communicate with each other, form discussions, break into small groups and more.


Forums are a more structured, permissioned and searchable format of communication across your learner base.


Tovuti’s business directories have multiple possible uses. Highlight different branches of your organization, different channel partners, members of your organization and more. Provide them the ability to set up their own listings, and even view them on a map.

Email Notifications

Schedule and send learners (or admins) a wide variety of email notifications. You can even send learner progress reports through email on an ongoing schedule.

Pop-up Notifications

Leverage built-in pop-up notifications within the system. You can set the notifications so that they have to be interacted with and acknowledged. And, you can also geofence these notifications based on the GPS location of the learner.


User Management

User Groups

Users Groups are a super powerful tool within Tovuti. They can be used for multiple purposes, from setting system permissions to assigning courses to sorting and filtering reports. And because learners can be automatically added or removed fromusers group based on the completion of milestones, the possibilities for what you can do with users group is only limited by your creativity.

User Permissions

Out of the box, Tovuti comes with multiple standard permission levels, ranging from public to super admin. But, Tovuti also gives you the ability to create your own moregranularly defined permission levels.

Adding Learners

Bulk Importer

Download an Excel template, fill it in with your user’s information, then upload massive amount of users at once.

Registration Link

Want learners to self-register for the system? No problem. Create a form, publish it and then when users fill it out they’ll instantly be added to the user groups we’ve pre-attached to the form.

Single Sign On

Tovuti is Single Sign On (SSO) ready. We currently work with any SAML-based SSO (Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin, etc.) and are in beta with OAth-based SSO. Through SSO, you can quickly add or remove a user’s access to your Tovuti instance.

Custom User Profile Fields

Add as many custom user profiles fields as you want and leverage them across the system.



If it happens in the system, there's a good chance we can report on it.

Custom Reports Builder

Build custom reports on everything from learner performance to events and payments. View in aggregate or drill down, choose fields, organize views and even add filters and calculations.

Analytics Dashboard

Visualize your data in stunning dashboards that give you a high-level view of your organization’s performance.

Transcripts and Gradebooks

Keep track of learner performance across courses, even manually enter grades. Transcriptions are auto generated and sharable in a secure format.

Certification Management

Keep track of which learners have completed which certifications, when and how long they valid for. Even auto email reminders to renew.


Build & Customization

Built-in CMS

Tovuti offers its own built-in CMS to help to manage content in multiple areas, whether you’re using the system just for your internal teams or you’re leveraging Tovuti’s website design tools to build an online portal to promote and sell your educational materials.

Web Designer

With Tovuti’s website design tools, we give massive amounts of control and customization over not only how your learner portal looks, but also how you’re front-facing website looks (if you’re using Tovuti to sell courses and subscriptions). The system comes with easy-to-use design tools, but also gives advanced users direct access to add custom html, css and even javascript.

Brand Manager

Tovuti’s brand manager allows you create multiple front-facing websites and multiple learner portals, style them completely separately and attach them to different domains or subdomains. Need different portals for different branches, different channel partners, different sub brands, different clients? Our brand manager allows you to completely customize and white label your learning experience, no matter how many different audiences you cater to.

Learner Dashboard

In addition to offering learners their own personalized landing page, you can also quickly and easily create portal-wide landing pages for more general announcements. These pages are completely customizable.


Tovuti gives you full control over the navigation menus on both public-facing sites and internal learning portals.

Additional Customization

Tovuti also gives you broad levels of customization over the following items:

  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Icons
  • Hero Images
  • Course and Lesson Thumbnails
  • Certificates
  • Badges


Course Purchases

Quickly and easily assign prices to courses and make them available for purchase online.

Subscription Management

Sell subscriptions to your educational materials and mastermind groups, and then manage those subscriptions through our easy-to-use tool. We give you the ability to easily discount subscriptions, add comps, pause subscriptions, renew subscriptions – we even alert you to failed payments and attempt to re-run payments automatically.

Promo Codes

Set up a wide variety of promo codes to offer discounts on purchases and track the effectiveness of your offers.

Affiliate Tracking

Tovuti allows you to set up multiple different levels of affiliates, assign varying commissions and even track their contributions within the affiliates dashboard.

eCommerce Store

Our online store functionality allows you to sell both physical and digital products while giving you flexibility in managing orders, prices, skus, product images, taxes, reviews, currencies and much more.

Credit Card Processing

Tovuti offers a wide variety of options for credit card processing. You can choose from four different gateways: Stripe,, Heartland and Converge (Elavon).



Single Sign On

Tovuti is Single Sign On (SSO) ready. We currently work with any SAML-based SSO (Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin, etc.) and are in beta with OAth-based SSO. Through SSO, you can quickly add or remove a user’s access to your Tovuti instance.


Through its connection with Zapier, Tovuti can be connected to thousands of the world’s most popular web applications.

Open API

Need to build something more custom? Tovuti offers a fully documented open API.


Making the Switch

Single Sign On

With Tovuti, it’s possible to stand up a fully functioning learner portal in less than 10minutes – that’s branding it, customizing it, bulk importing courses, bulk importing users and assigning them to courses.

Implementation Timeline

We know you have a need for speed, but just because you have a car that can go 200 miles per hours, doesn’t mean you should drive that fast as soon as get off the lot.  That’s why we offer an accelerated four-week training program with one of our onboarding coaches to get you and your team set up for success. It’s fast, but not a crash course.

Ongoing Support

Once you’re all trained up, you probably won’t need much help, but when you do our customer success team will be there to help. Our highly trained technical support agents are available via phone and email, and you can also file a support ticket directly within the system. We also offer a number of self-help options, including an extensive online help center and ongoing access to Tovuti University, where we house our video training library.

Professional Services

Don’t have time and just want us to do the heavy lifting? Get in touch and let us know what you need help with. We offer a wide range of professional services, from website design to content creation to consulting.