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Choosing a Learning Management System

Choosing a Learning Management System can be a big investment. Paying to get the features and branding just right. Figuring out how the system will be hosted and who is going to administer it. There is a lot of stuff to wrap your head around! On a traditional LMS, that was just the start. Once you get the system up and running, you have to load it up with training content. Maybe you have some pre-existing material that you can pop in but what do you do if you need to make something new?

If you are part of a bigger business, you may have a creative department that can design printables and create some videos but what about interactive content? Building interactive modules to train your learners is a great way to build engagement and promote retention but it can be expensive and time consuming.

There is a whole industry around designing and developing interactive modules in the form of SCORM content. Some content developers will charge tens of thousands of dollars for a single 15 minute module. That’s crazy! The other option is you hire someone who is versed in content creation apps and can build those courses for you. If you have the budget and find the right person or team of people, this is a good choice but again, you are spending a lot of money to support something you have already spent a great deal of resources on.

That is where Tovuti comes in. Tovuti is a full-featured and affordable LMS solution that comes with a secret weapon.

Built-in interactive content development tools that are so easy to use anyone can do it. You could say it is zenfully easy.

Want a quiz inside a lesson. Done. Want to build product flash cards into a class for your sales team? Done. Tovuti comes with dozens of built in interactive activities that you can add to any lesson you create. No messing around with expensive and hard to learn software. No paying some design company in San Francisco thousands of dollars. Just you, Tovuti, and a little bit of time is all it takes to make something awesome and engaging.

Visit today and learn how Tovuti can be your one stop for an LMS and zenfully easy content development.
Tovuti the Zenfully Easy LMS